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Human mind is an enigma. In order to live fully and authentically we need to understand it. For deep insights into human mind, read website articles on subconscious conflicts, relationship, stress, trauma and violence, psychological and psychiatric disorder, personality, drugs and addictions, depression, anxiety, gender and sexuality, counseling and psychotherapy.

DrEveryone is constantly searching for happiness. People wish to change something about themselves, the world or others but often cannot. They waste their lives in making endless plans, chasing multiple targets, building relationships, learning new skills, trying to sort out conflicts, seeking quick and magical solutions- but nothing seems to work in the long run. Difficulties keep on piling. Despite best of efforts, people end up in frustration, pain and anger. Ever thought why?

This is because most of us do not know the correct path. The solution to all our problems lies in understanding ourselves and discovering the true self that is buried in each one of us. A part of our mind wants to change while there are other parts, which resist, fear and hate change due to the adverse life experiences we have had. In order to overcome this we need to hear, understand, resolve and integrate hidden parts of our self.

A person has to go through this process. The real psychology aims at self-discovery and self-growth. It requires effort, patience and motivation. There are no shortcuts or magical pills. Although it is a slow but a very rewarding journey. We need to reconnect with our true self, that is the only hope and answer to all our problems.

Pulkit Sharma, Writer, Clinical Psychologist and Psychoanalytical Therapist at Imago-Centre for Self, New Delhi & Indirapuram (Ghaziabad).

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