1Pulkit Sharma is a renowned Clinical Psychologist in Delhi. He is in private practice as a clinical psychologist and psychoanalytical therapist. He established the Imago- Centre for Self at Nehru Place, Delhi. Imago-Centre for Self offers a comprehensive psychological and psychotherapeutic treatment in Delhi and NCR.

He sees psychological treatment not simply as a tool to remove symptoms but as a pathway of discovering the subconscious mind, developing self-love and striving for self-actualization. While working as a psychologist in Delhi, Pulkit Sharma provides a deep and intensive treatment for personality change and self-growth.

Areas of Special Interest: Psychoanalysis, Personality Development, Personality Disorders, Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Marriage Counseling, Psychometric Testing, Subconscious Conflicts, Addictions, Relationship Problems, Motivational Training, Self-Growth, Trauma and Psychological Testing.       Read More...

1 Dr. Amaresh Kumar is a Family Physician and Clinical Hypnotherapist practising in Delhi.

His main interests are in the field of Behaviour Medicine, Psycho-physiology, and Integrated Hypnotherapy .

He has been working in the field of Mind-Body Medicine , mainly using Clinical Hypnotherapy (Cognitive and Regression) and Neurofeedback, since 2007.

He also helped establish a centre for Mind-Body Medicine in a leading Psychiatric Hospital in Delhi, working directly under the founder.

He is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Hypnotherapy trainer.

He also has previous, extensive experience of working in Accident and Emergency(A/E)/Casualty Medicine. He is a Certifed BLS and ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Skills) provider.      Read More...