1Pulkit Sharma is a renowned Clinical Psychologist in Delhi. He is in private practice as a clinical psychologist and psychoanalytical therapist. He established the Imago- Centre for Self at Nehru Place, Delhi. Imago-Centre for Self offers a comprehensive psychological and psychotherapeutic treatment in Delhi and NCR.

He sees psychological treatment not simply as a tool to remove symptoms but as a pathway of discovering the subconscious mind, developing self-love and striving for self-actualization. While working as a psychologist in Delhi, Pulkit Sharma provides a deep and intensive treatment for personality change and self-growth.

Areas of Special Interest: Psychoanalysis, Personality Development, Personality Disorders, Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Marriage Counseling, Psychometric Testing, Subconscious Conflicts, Addictions, Relationship Problems, Motivational Training, Self-Growth, Trauma and Psychological Testing

Work Experience:

. Pulkit Sharma worked as Clinical Psychologist at VIMHANS Hospital, Nehru Nagar, Delhi (2009-2013)
. As a teaching faculty for postgraduate students of Clinical Psychology and DNB Psychiatry at School of   Mental Health (2009-2013)
. As a visiting Counseling Psychologist at Vision IAS (2013) for providing counseling services to IAS   aspirants
. As a visiting Counseling Psychologist at Bank of America, Gurgaon, Haryana (2010-2011)
. As a visiting Clinical Psychologist at Don Bosco Home (2010-2011)
. As a Clinical Psychologist, Crisis Intervention Counselor, Researcher and Senior Program Executive at   Swanchetan Society for Mental Health, Vasant Kunj, Delhi (2008-2009)
. Project head for research and counseling with the Delhi and Jaipur bomb blast victims (2008-2009)
. Crisis Intervention Counselor for victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, terrorist attacks, torture   and migration (2008-2009)
. As an M.Phil. (Clinical Psychology) scholar at Institute of Human Behaviour and Allied Sciences, Dilshad   Garden, Delhi (2006-2008)
. As a Counselor and Child Psychologist at MAPS, Ashok Vihar, Delhi (2005-2006)
. As a Consultant Psychologist at Vision Psychiatric Centre, Model Town, Delhi (2005-2006)
. As an intern in Clinical Psychology at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital (2004)

Educational Qualifications:

. B.A. (Hons.) Psychology from University of Delhi
. M.A. (Clinical Psychology) from University of Delhi
. Training in Psychoanalytic Therapy from Centre for Psychoanalytic Studies, University of Delhi and   Indian Psychoanalytic Society (Kolkata)
. UGC (NET) in Psychology
. M.Phil (Clinical Psychology) from Institute of Human Behaviour and Allied Sciences, University of Delhi
. Training in Trauma Counseling from Dr. Inger Agger, Rehabilitation Council of Torture, Denmark.

Writing and Workshop Experience:

. While working as a psychologist in Delhi, he has contributed psychology-based articles and inputs for leading newspapers, journals, magazines, radio and television channels. The list includes- Hindustan Times, The Times of India, The Daily Pioneer, Life Positive, The Speaking Tree, Deccan Herald, Asian Age, Dainik Bhaskar, Better Homes and Gardens, Men's Health, Women's Health, India Today, The Week, Mail Today, Elle, Times Crest, The Economic Times, Youth Epoch, Human Capital Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Business Standard, Deccan Chronicle, Dainik Jagran, Rashtriya Sahara, Open, Tehelka, India T.V., News X, Radio City, Radio One, AIR, Pragya T.V. and Psychological Studies.

. He has been invited as a speaker to prestigious organizations including India Habitat Centre, India International Centre, United Nations, Jamia University, National Institute of Public Cooperation and Child Development, Amity University, Ambedkar University, Jesus and Mary College, Indraprastha College, Lady Shri Ram College and Zakir Husain College. He was in a team of psychologists in Delhi that conducted forensic psychological evaluations at the request of the Delhi Police. He has conducted workshops for mental health professionals on Projective Testing, Trauma Counseling, Personality Assessment, Intake Interview, Personality Disorders and Psychoanalysis. He has trained several psychology professionals.

Research Publications:

While working as a leading psychologist in Delhi, Pulkit Sharma also has been a dedicated researcher. He has done various research projects in psychology and contributed to the knowledge of psychology in India. His research publications include:-

1. Sharma, Pulkit (2011). Encounters with the Universal and the Cultural in Psychoanalytic Therapy. Psychological Studies, 56 (3), 304-310.
2. Sharma, Pulkit & Sinha, Uday Kumar (2010). Defense Mechanisms in Mania, Bipolar Depression and Unipolar Depression. Psychological Studies, 55 (3), 239-247.
3. Sharma, Pulkit & Singh, Tej Bahadur (2009). Treating Behavioral Problems with Behavior Modification Techniques. Indian Journal of Community Psychology, 5(2), 279-284.
4. Sharma, Pulkit; Charak, Ruby & Sharma, Vibha (2009). Spirituality and mental health: A contemporary perspective. Indian Journal of Psychological Medicine, 31(1), 16-23.
5. Sharma, Pulkit (2008). Psychodynamic therapy in mixed dissociative disorder with borderline personality traits. Psychological Studies, 53 (3&4), 199-203.
6. Sharma, Pulkit (2007). A glimpse into cultural unconscious: Individual struggles in dividual. Psychological Studies, 52(3), 204-209.
7. Sharma, Pulkit (2007). Struggle of temptations: An account of psychodynamic treatment of a teenage girl. Indian Journal of Community Psychology, 3(1), 91-98.
8. Sharma, Pulkit (2006). Science and Spirituality: From impasse to innovation. Psychological Studies, 51(4), 313-316. Also presented and adjudged first at All India Essay Competition-cum-Young Scholars' Seminar on 'Science and Spirituality' organized by The Indian Council of Philosophical Research, from 22nd to 25th Nov 2006.
9. Sharma, Pulkit (2005). Kamla: The oppressed self. Psychological Foundations-The Journal, 7(2), 47-52.
10. Sharma, Pulkit (2005). Empty words, deaf ears: Blocks in Clinical Work. Psychological Foundations- The Journal, 7(2), 55-67.
11. Sharma, Pulkit (2004). On The Seashore: Dialogues between Indian Psychology and Modern Psychotherapy. Paper presented at National Conference on Indian Psychology, Yoga and Consciousness organized by Indian Council of Philosophical Research.
12. Sharma, Pulkit (2004). Ugly reflections: A study on Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD). Journal of Personality and Clinical Studies, 20 (1&2), 79-87.
13. Sharma, Pulkit (2002). Attacking manic defense: A psychodynamic perspective. Journal of Research and applications in clinical psychology, 5(1&2), 95-99.

Professional Membership:

. Rehabilitation Council of India
. Indian Association of Clinical Psychology
. Indian Psychoanalytic Society
. Indian Association of Community Psychology

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