DrAnxiety is an internal experience of fear without any obvious danger. The hallmark of anxiety is that even though the person is realistically safe they feel that they are going to be in danger. All of us have our share of everyday worries and anxieties.

In certain situations anxiety response is normal. However, if anxiety is chronic, severe, difficult to control and persistent then it takes shape of an anxiety disorder. People suffering from anxiety disorders dread helplessness and loss of control that accompanies anxiety and develop ‘fear of fear.’ The most common anxiety disorder is Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD).

Types of Anxiety

Harm anxiety sufferers imagine threats to their body or self-esteem. They live in fear of criticism, rejection, accidents, chronic illnesses, sexual dysfunction and physical injury.  
While there are a number of therapies offering anxiety remedies, a psychodynamic treatment of anxiety attempts to understand the subconscious sources of anxiety, increases the person’s self-control, decreases maladaptive defenses, enhances inner stability and security and targets anxiety symptoms at multiple levels.
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