DrDepression is one of the most common psychological disorders. It can vary in intensity and duration from one person to another and across one’s lifetime. The recognizable symptoms of depression disorder include: feeling low and sad most of the time, reduced energy and increased fatigue, loss of interest in activities one likes including sex, decreased attention and concentration, reduced food intake, disturbed sleep, poor work or study performance, preference for being alone, wish to commit suicide, low self-esteem and intense hopelessness, helplessness and worthlessness.

In order to overcome depression commonly recommended treatments include: medication, learning to challenge and distract from depressive thoughts, trying to think positively and getting back to daily activities in manageable doses. Although quite useful in acute cases, these treatments may only give a short-term and partial relief from symptoms of depression. At best they suppress the depression disorder. People treated for depression with these interventions continue to have problems in relationships, work and social interaction. They may not be able to function at their optimal level, can suffer from residual symptoms and frequent relapses. In some cases, depression treated in this manner may take the form of other psychological problems.

Depression is not an illness but an expression of underlying distress in our inner self. We need to pay heed to and understand the depression in order to overcome it. Depression is caused by deficits in a person’s personality due to an interaction of subconscious and environmental factors. The common causes of depression include a shattered sense of self, sensitivity to actual or perceived loss, fear of loss, disappointments in interpersonal relationships and anger directed at one’s own self along with resultant guilt. Once these subconscious causes are understood and resolved in depth-oriented psychotherapy a transformation happens.

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