DrThe conscious sense that I’m a male or I’m a female, I’m a heterosexual, I’m a lesbian, I’m a gay, I’m a transsexual often changes once we enter into the subconscious mind. Within the subconscious, there is diversity- masculine and feminine, homosexual and heterosexual coexist within the same person. The internal experience of any individual tends to be a highly personalized and rich mixture of masculinity and femininity and heterosexuality and homosexuality.

However, this rich internal experience rarely gets support from external world due to cultural factors. The result is that men and women feel compelled to create an artificial gender and sexual self which includes only few aspects of their experience. The individual feels a need to be a man or a woman, a heterosexual or a homosexual- in this polarized existence they often lose important parts of their self.

The process of polarization has a huge unfortunate impact on our personality and life. It limits our creativity, leads to relationship conflicts and makes us suffer from a range of psychological problems. Sexual perversions, gender identity disorder and sexual dysfunctions are consequences of this polarization. Through the process of psychoanalytical therapy this loss can be fulfilled and one can resolve the contradictions in one’s gender and sex.

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