Pulkit Sharma shares his insights on chucking these bad habits to boost well-being as well as performance at work
India Today: 10 things you must know to keep lifestyle diseases at bay
Responding to Priya Vedi's suicide, Pulkit Sharma explains that a majority of parents fail to understand that homosexuality is an inborn tendency and a person has no control over it
Hindustan Times: Parents forcing gay sons into marriage is criminal
In conversation with IAMIN, Dr Pulkit Sharma, Clinical Psychologist, Imago- Centre for Self, busts the myths that are prevailing about women empowerment in the society
IAMIN: Sexual assault should not become a life-defining experience
An an exclusive interview, Pulkit Sharma, Clinical Psychologist at Imago-Centre for Self, throws some light on how exactly is this happening and what are the warning signs of such negative influence
Lifehacker: 6 Ways How Social Networking Might Be Negatively Affecting Your Mental Health
Counselor and child psychologist Pulkit Sharma warns that tools should not replace the human touch
Hindustan Times: Raising kids in internet age
It's exam time again. The air is filled with anxiety and anticipation among students and parents
Mail Today: Getting over those exam jitters
In a worrying trend, a growing number of men are going for days without food to become skinny says Pulkit Sharma
Hindustan Times: Manorexia alert- Are men starving themselves to become thin?
Pulkit Sharma, Clinical Psychologist at Imago Centre for Self, contends that most parents transfer their own stress to children
Hindustan Times: Stressed over your kid's exams? Here's how you can handle it
After the initial three months, the mother-child bond is stronger and mothers feel guilty while going back to work Going back to work and leaving the baby is a pretty hard decision for most mums
Mail Today: Getting back to work post pregnancy
If you're single, people tend to think that you're not good enough. I know many college-goers who lie about dating someone out of the fear of being ridiculed, says psychologist Pulkit Sharma
Hindustan Times: Would you ever date a make-believe partner?
Defeat brings with it feelings of anger, despair and sadness, making cricket fans grumpier than a troll with a toothache for days says Psychologist Pulkit Sharma
Hindustan Times: World Cup more brutal than unreasonable spouse, unrelenting boss
Behavioral studies have shown an increase in aggressive behavior after exposure to violent games, highlights Pulkit Sharma
Deccan Chronicle: Video game industry given enough attention?
Negative emotions take many to the social media which offers a lot of narcissistic gratification and faceless acceptability, Pulkit Sharma, Clinical Psychologist with Imago-Centre for Self, explains
The Pioneer: Needed digital detox
Is "normal" a social convention, a point of view or simply behavior corresponding to a norm or an average?
Mail Today: Why 'normal' doesn't mean much anymore
What makes celebrities like Robin Williams take the extreme step of killing themselves?
Deccan Chronicle: Tears behind the facade
Psychologist Pulkit Sharma explains that depressed people need a very special type of support
The Times of India: Job woes kill sharp, friendly DU scholar
Learn to handle problems and difficult people at the workplace firmly but without negativity
Life Positive Magazine: Grace at the workplace
Pulkit Sharma highlights the psychological reasons and prevention for the phenomena of road rage
Hindustan Times: Season of rage
Is some wolf in sheep’s clothing lurking around your child threatening to rob him/her of the same? Clinical Psychologist Pulkit Sharma shares his experience of working with victims of child abuse
The Sunday Indian: Child abuse
In an interview, Pulkit Sharma talks about psychological work with victims of sexual assault and rape
The Times of India: Wrong touch
Take the quiz designed by psychologist Pulkit Sharma to figure out whether you suffer from food addiction or not
Hindustan Times: Are You a Food Addict?
Expert inputs by Pulkit Sharma, Clinical Psychologist and Psychoanalytical Therapist
The Times of India: World mental health day
If parents keep their feelings bottled up, one day they might just snap says Delhi-based psychologist Pulkit Sharma
The Times of India: Talk to your child, but not from a pedestal
Pulkit Sharma, Clinical Psychologist in Delhi shares some important benefits of exercise
The Times of India: How exercise boosts confidence
Pulkit Sharma, clinical psychologist, says, women are more prone to depression in a patriarchal society
The Daily Pioneer: Five women commit suicide in 72 hours
Pulkit Sharma, says, “When people face adverse circumstances, they start feeling hopeless and negative in life. They feel that there will be no end to their misery and take to suicide"
The Daily Pioneer: City witnesses 7 cases of suicide in 48 hours
The death of a pet can be a devastating experience for some. However, people can cope up with this loss
The Daily Pioneer: Pause in your life
Stress management for men
Jagran City Plus: Men and stress
How is it for our Indian cricket team and sports journalists to face matches one after another?
Health Me Up: A case of too much cricket
The trend to be in a relationship is now becoming an image liability among young peer groups
The Times of India: Into sex out of peer pressure
Pulkit Sharma, Clinical Psychologist and Psychoanalytical Therapist, Delhi decodes his list of top 5 sexual dreams
The Times of India: Decoding sexual dreams
Pulkit Sharma talks about the link between stress and hair loss
India Today: Good hair days
Having a friend of the opposite sex helps you understand the other gender better. Also, your comfort zone with such friends is more says psychologist Pulkit Sharma
Hindustan Times: Girls, having the other guy in your life is not a bad idea
Nothing’s more traumatic than living in uncertainty. And that’s how the LGBT community is living
Hindustan Times: The LGBT are living in trauma and crisis
People find solace and hope in self-help books in the face of grim reality
India Today: In Search of a Hero
Pulkit Sharma talks about the psychological cause and the cure of sexual abuse
Hindustan Times: Back from the Brink
Built-up rage and split personality leads to incidents of domestic help abuse according to Pulkit Sharma
Hindustan Times: Delhi domestic help abuse
Multitasking with technology has its drawbacks says Clinical Psychologist Pulkit Sharma
Health India: Take a break from technology
October is the Breast Cancer Awareness month. Femail talks to Pulkit Sharma on how to psychologically support your loved ones fighting this disease
Mail Today: Celebrating Pinktober
HealthyDunia.com spoke to Pulkit Sharma, Clinical Psychologist and Psychoanalytical Therapist at Imago – Centre for Self,Delhi to get a peek into the mind of a rapist
Healthy Dunia: A sneak peek into a rapist's mind
Fantasy plays a role and gives them a false perception that they are seeing UFOs, Pulkit Sharma, clinical psychologist with Imago-Centre for Self in the Capital says
The Pioneer: Ssshhhh... koi hai
Pulkit Sharma, a Delhi based Clinical Psychologist at Imago- Centre for Self, reveals various types of couples who choose not to have kids
Yahoo: Why Indian couples are also choosing not to have kids
"A habit is a complex and deep-rooted pattern comprising of thoughts, emotions, behaviours and sense of self," says Pulkit Sharma, clinical psychologist, Imago- Centre for Self
Mail Today: Gearing up for that emergency
A lot of courage needs to be built even to face the several phases of treatment, says clinical psychologist in Delhi Pulkit Sharma
Hindustan Times: It’s a long, hard road to recovery for the victims
Bollywood has a lot of influence on our day-to-day lives. We take actors as our role models and if they do something in a movie, we take that as a socially accepted thing says Pulkit Sharma, clinical psychologist in Delhi
Hindustan Times: Bollywood responsible for crimes of passion
Modern society in general has become appearance obsessed. The entire emphasis has shifted from being happy with your body to size zero says Psychologist in Delhi, Pulkit Sharma
Mail Today: Dealing with your mummy tummy
Couples are more likely to be happy when they agree on how they spend their time, says Pulkit Sharma, Psychologist in Delhi
Men's Health Magazine: Can you ace her chemistry test
Whether being friends with your ex-lover is a good idea or not, inputs by Psychologist in Delhi Pulkit Sharma
Hindustan Times: Will You Be Friends With Your Ex?
One of the perpetrators of the brutal gang rape of the 23-year-old physiotherapist, is a 17-year-old, illiterate, juvenile from a broken home
Hindustan Times: Emotional vaccum aids crime
Psychologist in Delhi Pulkit Sharma shares how handwriting reflects our personality traits
Hindustan Times: Your Handwriting Says It All
The age at which kids are being introduced to curriculum-based learning is decreasing. Pulkit Sharma, clinical psychologistin Delhi, sheds light on the correct age for a child to start going to a playschool
Hindustan Times: Send kids to School Only When They're Ready
Expert inputs by Pulkit Sharma, Schizophrenia is a psychological disorder characterized by false unshakable beliefs (delusions), experiencing things which are not present (hallucinations), suspiciousness and varying degree impairment in educational, occupational, social and relational functioning
The Times of India: Revealing Schizophrenia's myths
Psychologist in Delhi Pulkit Sharma talks about habits that may sink a marriage
Mail Today: Predictors of a marital storm
A study reveals that the couple who are truly happy in their marriage do not only enjoy a fulfilling sex life, but also are very generous to each other
Hindustan Times: Generosity is the key to a happy marriage
Psychologist Pulkit Sharma feels that a blame game starts due to irritation resulting out of a sleepless night
Hindustan Times: Sleepless nights may worsen your fights
As people advance in years, they are bound to witness changes in their relationships, work life, physical body and mental functioning. Often these changes create distress, but with an acceptance and development of appropriate coping skills, anybody can adapt to them. Psychologist Pulkit Sharma outlines measures that can help in mental fitness even after 50
Metro Mela: Tips on mental health for those above 50
Too much of examination stress can be dysfunctional. Tips by Delhi-based Psychologist Pulkit Sharma on how to deal with examination anxiety.
Metro Mela: Tips to fight exam blues
More and more people are now breaking up over SMS, comments Pulkit Sharma
Hindustan Times: Why breaking up over an SMS is now so commonplace
Our choices make us what we are. But what makes our choices?
The Week: Mindfully yours
With the concept of labor pain being hyped, mums-to-be are open to newer and safer methods of natural birthing
Healthy Dunia: Hypnobirthing elaborated
'Hypnobirth'- a selfhypnosis technique that mums-to-be use in order to mentally programme themselves to relax during childbirth
India Today: Ditch the labour pain
Psychologist Pulkit Sharma says, “Children form a lot of their identity from the activities they engage in during formative years"
Hindustan Times: No work and all play
Earlier fathers were regarded as the bread earner but today their role has widened. Bonding up is essential for healthy development of the child.
Healthy Dunia: Is fatherhood difficult?
People who have had a taste of fame derive their self-esteem, their self-confidence by being admired by others,” says Pulkit Sharma, clinical psychologist
Hindustan Times: Jiah Khan, a life cut short by the fickleness of fame?
Young Bollywood actor Jiah Khan's apparent suicide has once again turned the spotlight to the biggest mental war of our times
Healthy Dunia: Depression is like a terminal cancer
Expert advise by Psychologist Pulkit Sharma on how to let your resolutions stay intact with a bit of self-analysis
Hindustan Times: How to Stick to Your New Year Resolutions
Sexual addiction involves harbouring an unusual fixation for sex where sexual thoughts and actions tend to dominate your thoughts every day says Pulkit Sharma, Clinical Psychologist
Health Me Up: Are You Addicted to Sex?
Psychological Aspects of Women Survivors of Violence
Only My Health: International Day for Elimination of Violence Against Women
Pulkit Sharma talks about various eating disorders commonly seen in women
Only My Health: Eating disorders in women
Haven’t you navigated grey zones to cut bureaucratic red tape, jump queues and undervalue property to avoid high tax rates? But we can, and must get rid of corruption
Speaking Tree: No game for gentlemen
There are several reasons that lure the youth towards smoking according to Pulkit Sharma, Psychologist at the Vimhans Hospital, Delhi
Healthy Dunia: Smoking not as cool affair as you think
Smoking always has been wrongly considered a symbol of being cool and independent said Pulkit Sharma, Psychologist, Vimhans Hospital
Healthy Dunia: Protect fertitlity quit smoking
Healthydunia.com spoke to Pulkit Sharma, Psychologist at Vimhans Hospital,Delhi to find out ways to avoid smoking infront of your children
Healthy Dunia: Do not smoke near your children
Healthydunia.com spoke to Pulkit Sharma, psychologist at Vimhans Hospital, Delhi to understand the applicability of the study in the Indian situation
Healthy Dunia: Women under psychological duress
Judging people on the basis of their online pictures can be damaging said Pulkit Sharma, a clinical psychologist with VIMHANS
Mail Today: Youths catch FB facelift fever
Pulkit Sharma Psychologist talks about various socio-cultural changes leading to suicides
The Times of India: Suicidal tendencies among expats
Delhi based psychologist Pulkit Sharma reflects on the complex relationship between pornography and brutal rapes
The Daily Pioneer: Kink in us
Pulkit Sharma talks about healing elements of Art Therapy
Deccan Herald: Using art therapy
Psychologist in Delhi Pulkit Sharma answers readers' queries related to Autism
Hindustan Times: Breathless start
Dealing with the stress of motherhood
Mail Today: I see the world from my baby's eyes
Psychologist in Delhi Pulkit Sharma talks about the diagnosis and treatment of Autism
Hindustan Times: They’re special, not taboo
Eighty per cent of rape victims are likely to develop post-traumatic stress disorder due to the associated stigma if not kept out of public eye says Pulkit Sharma, clinical psychologist and psychoanalytical therapist at VIMHANS
Hindustan Times: Need to respect rape victim’s privacy
Clinical Psychologist in Delhi Pulkit Sharma shares how opinions of significant others can shape your romantic destiny
Men's Health: Who is Sinking your Love Life
The social networking site has a dark side too-where sex predators, cyber criminals and peadophiles lurk
India Today: Watch out who you befriend on Facebook
It’s a wave of civilian rage that’s sweeping the city and after the Delhi gang rape case, nobody wants a repeat
The Deccan Chronicle: Slippery Slope
Learn how to beat the menopause blues with a strong will, confidence and a positive attitude
Mail Today: Dealing With Menopause
Psychologist in Delhi, Pulkit Sharma talks about the psychology of Delhi rape accused
The Hindustan Times: Rape Accused Needed Counselling
Pulkit Sharma, Psychologist in Delhi talks to Hindustan Times about various food disorders
The Hindustan Times: Hints That You Have Food Disorders
Ambitious mothers are choosing playmates who are good for their kids
Mail Today: Wanted High Achievers
When you are asleep your body language starts reflecting your core feelings, says psychologist Pulkit Sharma
The Hindustan Times: What does your sleep say about your relation?
Studies have shown that aquariums have a soothing effect on our nerves
The Deccan Herald: Now try aquarium therapy
After the brutal gang-rape of a paramedical student in Delhi, it’s not just the laws, but even society’s acceptance of vulgarity that needs to change
The Deccan Herald: Axe the vulgarity
To understand the mindset of rapists, Ashim Sunam interviews Pulkit Sharma, clinical psychologist at VIMHANS, New Delhi
Many rapists fake remorse for sympathy: Clinical psychologist
When it comes to matters of the heart, age seems to be just a number for many men and women
The Hindustan Times: Love defies age bar
The Delhi Police are yet to subject the men accused of raping the 23-year-old woman to any kind of psychological analysis, sources said
The Hindustan Times: No Psych Tests for Gangrape Accused
It is important to have an emotional agreement with your family member or friend
The Deccan Chronicle: Your fight’s not mine
The loss of a romantic relationship can seem to be the biggest disaster of life to a youngster
The Deccan Herald: Sharing heartbreak will help heal it
The holiday trend of the moment is to rediscover discreet places locally
The Hindustan Times: Holiday close, yet far
The arrest of an Indian couple in Norway for abusing their son has raised the question of using violence to correct children, once ag­a­in
The Deccan Herald: To wield the stick or not
Why many Indian executives are taking a break from smartphones, tablets and laptops
The Economic Times: Unwired
Clinical psychologist Pulkit Sharma explains the psychology behind these acts
The Deccan Herald: Protect your kids from paedophiles
Clinical psychologists and psychiatrists dwell on what constitutes ESP and how scientific it is
The Sunday Tribune: That Extra Perception
So while the country claims to herald a new area by acclaiming woman boxer Mary Kom, some see the constant mention of her role as a mother and a wife as diluting her core strength - aggression
The Hindustan Times: Stereotypes and the Second Sex
If a man feels hurt, his pain gets translated into a lot of rage, with the person losing all sense of rationale and consequence,' said Pulkit Sharma, clinical psychologist, VIMHANS
Mail Today: Love Equals Violence in Capital of Revenge
Sometimes people start feeling intense rage when they are very emotionally involved with something, said Dr Pulkit Sharma, clinical psychologist, VIMHANS
The Hindustan Times: Emotional Attachment can Push a Person to the Brink
Such relationships give people a sense of timelessness, uniqueness, excitement and power says Pulkit Sharma, clinical psychologist at VIMHANS, New Delhi
Mail Today: Don't Mind the (Age) Gap
Pulkit Sharma comments on why men are prone to tell lies
The Deccan Herald: Lying for Lying’s Sake
Here’s what led to their split and what cue you can take from it to save your own relationship from a similar fate, inputs by Psychologist Pulkit Sharma
The Hindustan Times: Reasons for Hollywood's Recent Splits
A hobby gives them that space with zero demands or obligations and is crucial to keep feelings of frustration and depression at bay," explain Pulkit Sharma, Clinical Psychologist, VIMHANS
Mail Today: When Hobby Becomes Profession
Suicide is the second-most common cause of death among young Indians
The Hindustan Times: Why is Young India Suicidal
Move over Vickys and Buntys. For Indians, Google is the new 'it' name for kids
The Hindustan Times: Meet My Son Google
Our society puts emphasis on always achieving and going ahead. If at any point a person doesn't get ahead, it causes a blow to self esteem says Pulkit Sharma
The Hindustan Times: Stigma Stalks City's Mentally Ill
The NCR has witnessed at least five such horror stories in two years where depression, self-confinement and starvation have resulted even in deaths
The Hindustan Times: Making of a Horror Story
Says clinical psychologist Pulkit Sharma of VIMHANS: “Stress is a result of supressed anger, primarily seen in adolescents
The Hindustan Times: Fire Power
Delhi is fast turning into India's student suicide capital
The Times of India: Delhi Sees Spurt in Cases of Student Suicides
Pulkit Sharma, Clinical Psychologist and Psychoanalytical Therapist at VIMHANS says, “Dreams are windows to the deepest recesses of human mind"
The Deccan Herald: In Dreamworld
The cultural pressure on women to look extraordinary has gradually taken the shape of an obsession," says Pulkit Sharma, clinical psychologist, VIMHANS
Mail Today: When You Feel Fatter Than You Look
Pulkit Sharma talks highlights that the effect home tuitions have on a child’s mind can range from extremely positive to extremely negative
Only My Health: Does your Child need Home Tuitions?
An increasing number of Indians log onto the internet for health queries, Pulkit Sharma comments on the trend
Mail Today: When You Diagnose with Dr Google
Prolonged competitive stress can lead to depression says Pulkit Sharma, Clinical Psychologist, VIMHANS
Only My Health: Is Competitive Stress New Fad
The increasing trend of cool, invincible villains in films could lead youngsters to a criminal bent of mind, says psychologist Pulkit Sharma
The Hindustan Times: Bad Boys Make It Worse
The rampant TV violence has increased concern of parents to save their kids from enacting the same behaviour in a social setup says Pulkit Sharma
Only My Health: Does TV Endorse Violence
Take a look at the facts that contribute to drug addiction, and how one can prevent drug addiction
Health Me Up: Understanding the Why of Drug Addiction
Experts say that instead of trying out all sorts of means to deal with a breakup, it’s better to face the fact that it takes time to heal
The Hindustan Times: Breakup Has its Own Sad Effects
To delve deeper into addiction treatment programs and services, we had a word with Pulkit Sharma, Clinical Psychologist & Psychoanalytical Therapist at VIMHANS, New Delhi
The Times of India: Choosing the Right Addiction Treatment
Delhi police’s recent decision of allowing only women officers to investigate rape cases is being applauded
The Hindustan Times: Lady Cops for Rape Cases, Girls Approve
Have you been struggling to come down to your high school weight or fit into your wedding outfit, but with little to no success?
Health Me Up: Weighty Issues- Ideal or Happy Weight
Does our eagerness to provide excuses for the bad behaviour of prominent personalities expose us as a society without an ethical core
The Hindustan Times: The Importance of Being Earnest
IAD is a condition where an individual compulsively uses the internet and finds any attempt to limit its use distressing
India Today: Cyber Obsession Among Children
If compulsive hoarding is taking the better of you and your house, it's time to seek help
The Hindustan Times: Are you Crumbling under the Clutter
These days, you often find young girls, especially collegiates, hurling abuses of the kind that you would have conventionally heard from men only
Deccan Herald: Abuse is Part of My Daily Lingo Now
Decorexics, a term coined to describe people who feel the urge to constantly redesign and decorate their homes, seems to be the newest ‘it’ group on the block
The Hindustan Times: Meet the Decorexics
Alcohol consumption by young drivers is putting pedestrians and riders of motorized vehicles at risk
Deccan Herald:I Drink, I Dare and I Don’t Really Care
The age at which kids are being introduced to curriculum-based learning is decreasing. Pulkit Sharma, clinical psychologist, VIMHANS, sheds light on the correct age for a child to start going to a playschool
The Hindustan Times: Send kids to School Only When They're Ready
Experts say that an increasing number of youngsters have started becoming vitamin addicts
The Hindustan Times: Are you Addicted to Multi-vitamins
Psychologist Pulkit Sharma shares how handwriting reflects our personality traits
The Hindustan Times: Your Handwriting Says It All
A psychological analysis of junk collectors
The Hindustan Times: Trivial Pursuit
Handling the trauma of assault
The Hindustan Times: Be Smart to be Safe
Body-conscious Indians decide they don't want fat kids
The Times Crest: Honey I Shrunk the Kids
Recent researches reveal that Facebook is the prime culprit in almost 33% divorce cases last year
The Hindustan Times: Sahib, Biwi aur Facebook
Eating your favourite food should be a part of your healthy diet plan, so that you are motivated to stick to it for a long period of time
The Times of India: Don't Deprive Yourself of Your Favourite Foods
Mental health professionals are increasingly viewed as fairy godmothers with magic wands and are fast taking the place of priests and grandmas
The Times Crest: When the Couch is a Cure-All
The ways to handle teasing and molestation
The Hindustan Times: Safe in the City
As people grow older, they long to have a satisfying sexual life. But certain biological and physiological changes may affect the quality of your sexual life as you age
Health Me Up: How Ageing Affects Your Sex Life
Sex between two partners is a private affair and using a spouse's refusal to have sex as a weapon in court isn't a solution to the problem says Pulkit Sharma
India Today: Denial of Sex After marriage Amounts to Cruelty
The virtues of an early bedtime trumpeted by various research studies conducted abroad may not apply to the Indian context, says Pulkit Sharma
The Hindustan Times: Why Early Bedtime's Not Good for Your Kid
HT City gets some fun-loving people in the city to share their most memorable April Fools’ Day prank ever
The Hindustan Times: Some Hilarious Fools’ Tricks
Rage is the fallout of suppressed aggression which was unable to find an outlet, says Pulkit Sharma
Deccan Herald: Control Anger Before it Controls You
Pulkit Sharma talks about girls going through trauma after shooting intimate scenes with their partners
The Hindustan Times: Why You Shouldn’t Make a Sex Tape
Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a psychological illness, which occurs because of a life-threatening experience explains Pulkit Sharma
The Times of India: Understanding Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
It could be the tempting discounts or an eagerness to be regular at the gym, but people are fast enrolling for group workout classes
The Times of India: Group workout, Motivation or Distraction?
Pulkit Sharma on psychological work with victims of sexual assault and rape
The Times of India: Wrong Touch
Pulkit Sharma talks about habits that may sink a marriage
Mail Today: Predictors of Marital Storm
Whether being friends with your ex-lover is a good idea or not
The Hindustan Times: Will You Be Friends With Your Ex?
Psychosexual disorders are the disturbances in the body's sexual function, because of emotional or mental causes says Pulkit Sharma
Health Me Up: How to Deal with Psychosexual Disorders
They may hate their veggies , turn their nose up at the most exotic food and crave that sugary high before any meal - it's no secret that children are picky eaters
The Times of India: Delhi for kids: Food-courting- Venue & Menu Are Kids' Call
Nothing’s more traumatic than living in uncertainty. And that’s how the LGBT community is living.
The Hindustan Times: The LGBT are Living in Trauma and Crisis
Panic attacks are a serious mental health problem. With expert inputs from Pulkit Sharma , Clinical Psychologist- let's have a closer look
The Times of India: Understanding Panic Disorder
Trends of the young and the restless
The Hindustan Times: The Young and the Restless
Pulkit Sharma, Psychologist on aggression in toddlers
The Times Crest: Tykes With a Temper
Parents shower children with material gifts but neglect them emotionally says Psychologist Pulkit Sharma
The Times of India: Pampered, Can’t Take Hard Knocks
Pulkit Sharma, Psychologist talks about the defense mechanism 'identification with the aggressor' in trauma victim
The Hindustan Times: Abused Teenage Girl
An acquired positive habit or action requires more than wishful thinking; it requires a disciplinary attitude coupled with practicality and goal-setting
Health Me Up: How to Develop Positive and Healthy Habits
While there’s a love guru around every corner, there’s now well, a break-up guru too. Psychologists call such claims utterly fake and baseless.
The Hindustan Times: Heard of Break-Up Babas
Pulkit Sharma, Clinical Psychologist at Vimhans Hospital, Delhi talks about the types of postpartum depression and how it can be prevented
The Times of India: Dealing with Postpartum Depression
Pulkit Sharma, Psychologist in Delhi, helps us understand how we can stop our emotional eating from destroying our healthy eating resolutions.
The Times of India: How to Fight the Inner Emotional Eater
Call it narcissism or a wish to get noticed, looking hot on Facebook has become serious business.
The Hindustan Times: Facebook Pic @ 40000
Pulkit Sharma, Clinical Psychologist, VIMHANS, tells us about the types, psychology and risks of pain relievers.
Health Me Up: Why Popping Pain Relievers is Harmful
Pulkit Sharma, clinical psychologist at Vimhans Hospital, says the tattoo craze has a lot to do with people's sense of identity and psychological issues.
The Economic Times: Tattoos Have Become a Rage Among the Youth and Old Alike in India
First time sexual encounters tend to be distressing if handled incorrectly and with improper sexual knowledge.
The Times of India: Tips for First Time Sex
A new study reveals that the couple who are truly happy in their marriage do not only enjoy a fulfilling sex life, but also are very generous to each other.
The Hindustan Times: Generosity is the Key to a Happy Marriage
The brave new world of conception, populated by donors, surrogates and 'parents', is difficult to explain to kids who've come into the world through this route.
The Times Crest: Birds, Bees and Donated Eggs
A British study says that one in four men regularly dream about their former girlfriend, while women dream about their current partners.
The Hindustan Times: One in Four Men Dream about Ex
The importance and need of a mental vacation in today’s day and age.
The Times of India: Mental Vacation
Convinced that homosexuality is a psychiatric disease, parents drag their wards to psychiatrists in the hope of changing their sexual orientation.
The Hindustan Times: Unhappy Parents Look to ‘Cure’ Gay Kids
True spirituality lies not just in meditation and mantras but in service and seva, discovers REENA SINGH as she talks to people who have spent years doing community service and volunteer work.
The Times of India: Finding Peace In Service
Pulkit Sharma, a Clinical Psychologist and Psychoanalytical Therapist at VIMHANS Hospital, explains and interprets some commonly experienced dreams.
Metro Mela: Guide to Dream Interpretation
Pulkit Sharma, Clinical Psychologist and Psychoanalytical Therapist at Vimhans Hospital, Delhi, unravels the mystery of why bad sex is equal to a bad relationship.
The Times of India: Why Bad Sex is Equal to a Bad Relationship
But if one gives up hope and stops trying, nothing would be possible. Till date, I carry a hope that authentic creative therapies would help the less fortunate Indians.
Tehelka Magazine: Personal Histories
Striking a balance between family and career can be a challenge. But the key to balance both is effective time management and judicious planning.
Only My Health: How to Balance Career and Family
How our brain functions is a very important factor in determining the type of food habits we develop and the amount we eat.
The Times of India: Feeling fat? Blame your brain
For many people, tattoos symbolize angst, rebellion, and a rock and roll culture. But 'rebels' today are now challenging the stereotypes by replacing tattoos of skulls and daggers with those of religious symbols.
The Times of India: Dare Bare Art
There is inexhaustible information made available to people on the internet. Apart from being a revolution in technology, computers have been able to revolutionise the health of people too.
Only My Health: Lose weight by surfing the web